Services & Process

“At Windsor Estate Liquidators we provide professional liquidation services for estates and down-sizing clients. Beginning with our on-site evaluation,at no cost, you will find our policies and practices to be of the highest integrity and sensitivity.”

1. Find, clean (where needed), and organize all the belongings in the house.

2. Stage, and decorate the home to best represent the family and make an appealing shopping environment.

3. Determine and research pricing for contents, and tag accordingly.

4. Advertise through, email, newspaper/s, Up to 5 Web-sites at this time. Post signs.

5. Conduct the sale.

6. Following the sale, as pre-determined with family we will either sale all remaining contents to dealer/buyer or make preparations to be picked up by charity of family’s choice.

7. We leave the house and garage swept, vacuumed and orderly.


What is the first thing to do for an estate sale?

After the decision is made to have an estate sale, the first thing you should do is have all of the items that are not going to be included in the sale removed from the property. At least have the items that are not going to be sold clearly marked. It is important not to throw out items that you would think would not be marketable. It is amazing was people will buy. All personal papers and memorabilia should be removed. Of course, the items in the fridge and freezer should be disposed of, but leave the fridge on and operating.

How far in advance should we contact you?

As soon as you have made a decision and have removed or marked items that are not for sale.

How is Windsor Estate Liquidators paid?

We work on a percentage of the sale proceeds. The percentage is agreed upon based on a number of factors. 1) The amount of items to be put in the sale. 2) The quality and desirability (merchantability) of the items. 3) The location, which affects the potential number of customers to the sale. The better the sale, the more you make, the more we make.